Paula’s Brides

Meet the brides that have chosen Paula’s Elegant Bride to be a part of their special day.

    What Our Brides Say

    • Wonderful, everyone is so nice and helpful and made the experience great!
    • Awesome! Said yes to the dress.
    • Service was fantastic!
      Sharon M
    • Awesomeness!!  Friendly, supportive and lovely.  Made my experience a dream.
      Larissa D
    • Very nice!  Super friendly staff!
    • Wonderful. Becki was so knowledgeable and helpful, and pulled great dresses based on what I said that I did and did not like.  Heather gave great input as well. Both were so helpful and patient :) Thank you!
      Lindsay P
    • Excellent service, friendly staff, I said yes to the dress!
    • Excellent customer service with absolutely no pressure. All ladies customer service focused. Appreciated the time, effort and caring attitudes by all!
      Sharlene Langan
    • Had a wonderful experience at Paula's! Found the dress of my dreams very quickly :)
      Brittany Z
    • My experience at Paula's was perfect! Paula and her staff were so attentive, and I ended up finding the perfect dress in ann hour! I really couldn't have asked for a better and more exciting dress shopping experience!
      Danielle R
    • Had a wonderful experience. Very friendly and helpful sales associate.
    • I had a very good experience, and I found exactly what I wanted right away.
      Katelyn B
    • My experience was excellent!  I found the perfect dress to suit my wedding theme.
      Jessica L
    • Amazing! Very helpful & friendly.
      Katie Y
    • I had a very good experience, and I found exactly what I wanted right away!
    • Awesome! It was a very happy experience for me. Paula is a very awesome lady!
      Julia Stewart
    • This was an absolutely amazing experience! Katie was enthusiastic and professional. She made this a special moment for me! Thanks!
      Deidra Burke
    • It was great! Thank you for all the service! And I loved that I could get a modest option here!
      Rachel Hillman
    • Excellent! Very helpful and happy!
    • Perfect!