5 Common Mistakes on Choosing Your Bridal Gown

1.Choosing your dream dress based on someone else’s opinion  Maybe it’s mom, grandma, or even best friend. This is your day, not theirs. Choose what you love, not what someone else wished they wore, or wishes you would wear.

2. Not taking into consideration your body type – So you’ve gone into a bridal boutique with an idea of what you want – that’s fine, just remember something else might suit your body better. Do some research beforehand on what styles will flatter your body, and ask your consultant, a good one will help you select what is best for your body. Check out some of our suggestions here: http://www.paulaselegantbride.com/picking-your-dress/

3. Being closed minded  Limiting yourself to only trying styles you think you would like, and what you think looks good on a hanger might end up having you leaving “the one” behind. For example how many people really can say they “don’t look good” in a ballgown. How often have you tried one on? Be open to the suggestions your consultant has, and other options you never previously considered . It’s best going bridal gown shopping with a fresh and open mind.

4. Basing your decision on what’s trending – Yes it’s fun to keep up with fashion and all the latest styles, but sometimes when it comes to bridal gown shopping, it’s okay to leave that behind. Sometimes dresses that are trendy aren’t always timeless, and you’ll end up looking back at pictures saying “what was I thinking?” Instead, go for what you love, and what suits your body.

5. Ignoring the colour – You love everything about the dress, but don’t disregard the colour. The colour can make or break how you look on your wedding day. You don’t want to look washed out or like the dress blends with your skin tone on the wedding day.  If your ordering a dress, ask what other colours it comes in, and choose based on what goes nicely with your skin. If it’s off the rack, avoid trying dresses in  a colour you know won’t work for you, or try a few dresses with different colours to see what flatters you best then go from there.




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