How do I decide on my bridesmaids dresses?

Should my bridesmaids wear identical dressses?

same midnight dress

Not necessarily. In past years brides have opted to have their bridesmaids in matching dresses in the same colour. But in recent years there has been a change and brides are picking all kinds of different options. If you want there to be more of a uniform appearance in your photos and with your decor then we suggest sticking with one dress in the same color for everyone. But let me show you some other options.



You could put all of your bridesmaids in the same dress, but have your maid of honour in a different style/and or colour. She will pop in pictures and stand out if you have many bridesmaids. We recommend that you carefully select her dress and colour if you opt to go this route because you don’t want the colour to grab more attention than your dress.

shades of purple

Or you could put your bridesmaids in the identical dress but do different shades of the colour you’ve picked (as pictured above). There will still be a uniformity but also an uniqueness. If you choose to go with different shades of colour we recommend sticking with a solid colour in the bouquets, and all your bridesmaids having the same one.

I definitely don’t want my bridesmaids in the same dresses. How do I pull this off?

different styles

If you’re going to have your bridesmaids in different dresses we suggest that you keep to the same colour. That way it looks like they all belong to the same wedding party and don’t look like just another guest. Select the colour you want and then choose some options for your bridesmaids to choose from, or if your laid back, let your girls choose their own dresses.


How do I choose the right colour for my bridesmaids?

We suggest you pick a colour that both you and your fiance like, and then look for inspiration online or create a styleboard on to help inspire and visual your bridesmaids colour or colours coming together. All the pictures on this blog post were created on the Dessy website using the styleboard. On there you can find inspirational photos, upload your own, select dresses, and choose the colours! This is definitely a must-have tool for your planning. When choosing your colour also take into consideration the skin colour of your bridesmaids. You don’t want to wash them out or make them look lifeless in the colour you selected.


I love things that are colourful so I want to put my bridesmaids in all different bright colours. Will that look alright? 


Your girls can be in all different colours if that’s what you want – however we strongly recommend against doing all different bright colours. I know, you’re probably confused, after all I said you could do different shades of the same colour.  The problem with different bright colours is they will begin to compete with each other. As the bride you will not stand out as much if everyone is in different colours, and the attention can actually be taken away from you in photographs, as the viewers eyes will not know which colour to settle on.

Instead, we suggest going with light pastels of different colours or having a colourful bouquet and decorations instead.  Scroll back and forth a little bit between the two images. The one with the bright multicolours and the muted pastels. Which one appeals better to your eyes? When I stare at the brightly coloured dresses I feel visually confused as to what to look at. When I look at the pastel colours my eyes flow nicely through the dresses without feeling distracted by a certain colour.



There are sooooo many more options for what you can do with bridesmaids dresses. You could have the bridesmaids in the same colour but all different dresses and fabrics. The possibilities are endless!

Have fun with it, and remember it is your wedding day, so ultimately do what you love!


How do I accessorize my bridesmaids? 

For a more unqiue your bridesmaids could wear different jewellery and shoes that matches their personality. If you prefer they all wore the same jewellery then this would be a great gift for your bridesmaids to give on the day of your wedding.



We are proud suppliers of Dessy! Here are the styles from the pictures and colours below:

505 in Midnight

2965 in Celadon

2947 in Rose

8417 in various shades of purple

8159 in Sunflower

8130 in Sunflower

6669 in Sunflower

2917 in pastels and bright colours





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