How many people should you bring to your bridal appointment?


How many people should you bring to your bridal appointment?

Your bridal appointment is a momentous occasion, and we want you to bring someone special that you want to share this with. We recommend bringing no more than two people with you. So how do you choose who to bring? Bring someone trustworthy that is kind and honest, but that recognizes that this is your day and your dream dress, not theirs.  Bringing the right two people will help you be able to confidently purchase your gown and enjoy the experience in a more relaxed mannor. It can be overwhelming to have too many people at an appointment, as everyone has their own opinion and sometimes the focus can be taken away from the bride.

If you have lots of sisters and/or best friends that really want to be apart of the shopping experience, let them help you look at some dresses online beforehand from the designer the bridal boutique carries, and get some ideas with their help. To avoid hurting others feelings you can go to the appointment without letting anyone know, and then afterwards let everyone know that you went to an appointment on a whim, and ended up finding the dress right then. Another option would be to bring those two people to your first appointment, choose your dress, and put the deposit down, and then book a second appointment for those you wanted to be at the first appointment to come and see the dress you chose. This is a good way to appease anyone that felt diappointed they didn’t get to come to your first appointment.


Remember this experience is all about you! We want you to have the best, and most memorable time at your appointment!




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