What do I need to know/do before booking my bridal appointment?

First off congratulations! You are about to have an experience that is sure to be remembered as a milestone for many years to come!


We recommend that the first thing you do before booking your bridal appointment is to determine your wedding date and venue. Give yourself some time, because it can take up to eight months to get a bridal gown in. But don’t worry, if you plan on getting married sooner most bridal shops (including ours) will have a variety of off the rack selection. So you might even take home your gown that very same day.

Now that you’ve booked your venue with a date the next step is to decide who you want to bring with you to your bridal appointment.  We don’t recommend bringing more than two guests, as too many opinions can be overwhelming, and take away from this beautiful experience. Who do you feel is necessary to be there in order for you to confidently purchase your gown? Mom? Sister? Best friend? Bring someone that you trust that will be kind and honest, but that first and foremost understands that this is your day, and the decision is ultimately up to you.

Now that you’ve put some thought into who you want to bring, you are ready to pick up the phone and book the appointment! With the time before the appointment there’s a couple things we recommend doing. Firstly, talk to your fiancé and determine what your budget is for a dress. Is someone purchasing for you? Kindly ask what the budget is. Depending on what that person’s budget is you can then determine if you are happy with that amount or if you would like to add some of your own money from your piggy bank. Now that you have your budget, stick with it. Be prepared to purchase the day of your appointment or at least be able to make a deposit, and let whoever you’re bringing know that there’s a very good possibility you will be purchasing at your first appointment.

Next think about shoes, do you want to wear heels on your wedding day? Or would you prefer flats? How high of a heel would you be comfortable going with? We always recommend buying your wedding shoes after you purchase your dress (then you can make sure it’s the perfect match). But if you’ve already determined the approximate height of your heels, it will help your consultant with custom length measurements if it’s needed for the particular dress.

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You are almost set for your appointment! Next is selecting your undergarments, we suggest full coverage underwear and a nude strapless bra. If you think you would want to wear something like Spanxs under your gown you can always purchase that right before your appointment to help give you the full effect. P.S we sell them here!



The day of your appointment has arrived! Wake up and shower! Style your hair as you normally would (maybe even a little nicer). Apply very light makeup if you must to avoid the makeup transferring onto the gowns. Wear or pack your undergarments. Make sure you eat before your appointment, (but don’t overeat) you want to feel your best, and not like you’re going to pass out or make an impulsive decision because you’re so hungry. Take some deep breathes. Have fun and enjoy your experience! 

Now you’re ready to leave for your appointment! We wish you all the best! 


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