What kind of accessories should my bridesmaids wear?

Earrings, bracelet, necklace, and rings. There are so many different accessory options for  your bridesmaids. What your bridesmaids wear is up to you. If you are okay with them having an individualized look, then let them choose their own accessories.  If you want them to all have the same jewellery we suggest you buy their accessories for them (it also makes a great gift for your girls!). You can always make suggestions to your bridesmaids for accessories by sayings something like “I would really prefer if everyone wore silver jewellery and only earrings and a bracelet” or “I’m okay with whatever jewellery you want to wear on my wedding day, but I would prefer that everyone only wears earrings.”   If you have a bridesmaid that has more of an individualized style that isn’t really your taste, then maybe  you could lend her some jewellery for the wedding day. You could also have everyone in the same jewellery and then have the maid of honor a little different that way she stands out a little more too.


There are no rules for bridesmaids accessories!


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